Do Veganuary right, and feel great on a plant-based diet!


Get 4 Veganuary Meal Plans, week-by-week, each contains:


  • A week's worth of recipes, and a meal planner
  • 10 quick, tasty and healthy, seasonal recipes
  • Full shopping list and weekend prep guide


This is completely free, there is nothing to pay!


You'll have the confidence to do Veganuary right, knowing that you are eating a well-balanced set of meals. 

The recipe are delicious and nutritious; developed in line with the NHS Eatwell Plate and Dr Greger's Daily Dozen.


Again, this is completely free of charge!


We've spent months developing this plan, to help you make a success out of your Veganuary. 

Given how much work we've put into this, we thought we'd ask that you sign up as part of getting hold of it, so we can let you know if we choose to continue with meal plans in the future.

Simply sign up here and you'll get the 4 weeks of Veganuary free of charge. We'd love it if you let us know how you get on. 


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Henry and Ian x
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Get Your Veganuary Meal Plan

This is completely free! Get your Veganuary Meal Plan in PDF form so you can eat the rainbow and feel fantastic in 2019.